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5 Ways to be Your Own Valentine.

We love who we love, and often look forward to Valentine's Day when we can show our love out loud.

But when was the last time you turned that spotlight on yourself? After all, the most significant relationship is the one you have with you. Here are 5 ways to be your own Valentine and celebrate your love for yourself.

1. Take yourself out to dinner.

While it's fun to go out for dinner with a companion, it can be even better when you're alone. You can order whatever you want (including dessert), linger as long as you like, and really taste your food without filler conversation.

2. Buy the flowers.

Are you under the impression you can't buy flowers for yourself? Ahem, you can do anything you want. Get the flowers, put them in a vase, enjoy their beauty and aroma in the winter months. You're worth it, and you know it.

3. Learn something new.

When was the last time you signed up to learn a new thing? Whether its exploring a new hobby or learning a language, engaging your body, mind, and spirit in learning is not only fulfilling, it's essential to extended health.

4. Get a little introspective.

If journaling speaks to you, invest in a lovely book and start jotting down those thoughts and feelings. Not keen on writing? Try an audio journal instead. There are plenty of apps that allow you to record your thoughts and ideas no matter where you are.

5. Me Time

You know what this means. Now go do it.

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