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Assisted Stretching!

Feel a new freedom of movement that you have never known before with this wonderful modality! The benefits are numerous & will change the way you experience life.


Why is Assisted Stretching better?


   When stretching, the body releases the mood-boosting neurotransmitter, serotonin, which helps encourage your muscles to relax. Assisted stretching takes the guesswork out of your stretch routine and variables needed for optimal results. Patients can unwind and let their stretch therapist do all the work!

Wear loose fitting clothing you can move freely in!


The Benefits

Reduced Stiffness 

  Improved Range of Motion

Better Posture             Avoid Injury

Enhanced Athletic Performance 

Reduction in Psychological Stress

Relax Easier                   Better Balance

Pain Relief               Increased Circulation

Now accepting

Silver & Fit and Active & Fit

Check with your health insurance!

A private session with our

Certified Trainers is $80

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