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What to expect on your initial acutherapy visit?

  • Your first initial appointment will take 90 minutes. Follow up appointments will take 60 minutes.

  • You and your resident acutherapist will go over the New Patient paperwork which will include consent for treatment and your health and wellness intake forms.

  • You may be asked a series of detailed questions about any health problems or symptoms you might be having or have had.

  • In addition to your paperwork and consultation, your resident acutherapist will also examine your tongue and feel your pulse in both wrists to arrive at a traditional Chinese medical diagnosis.

  • If you are taking any medication or herbal/vitamin supplements, please let your resident acutherapist know immediately.

  • After the initial consultation, you may be asked to remove your shoes and socks and lie down. Depending on the area to receive treatment, you may be asked to remove other articles of clothing.  You should come dressed comfortably.

  • Most people find acutherapy to be relaxing; however, should you experience any pain or discomfort, please let your resident acutherapist know right away so adjustments can be made.

  • After your treatment you’re invited to visit our front desk to schedule your next appointment.

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