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Introducing resident Acu-therapist: Future Dr. Melinda Rivas, AP

Melinda Rivas.jpg

Melinda Rivas

     Melinda Rivas attended and graduated East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, FL with a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine. She studied and learned how to develop patient centered treatments using both Eastern TCM and Western medical modalities. The traditional Chinese acupuncture curriculum that Melinda studied included courses in Japanese acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, Korean hand acupuncture. Biomedicine courses which were taught by Doctors of Oriental Medicine (DOM/OMD), medical doctors (MD), osteopaths (DO), naturopathic physicians (ND/NMD), chiropractors (DC), and researchers (PhD). She also studied homeopathy, clinical nutrition, and Qi Gong,. 


    Melinda trained through various local internships in acupuncture oriental medicine, as well as in integrative medicine and clinical research. She was able to obtain her China Work Visa and studied abroad at the Zhejiang Medical College in Hangzhou, China which is considered one of the largest TCM colleges in the world. The Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine see’s thousands of patients each day. Along with hospital and clinic experience, she was able to see patients being treated by Acupuncture Masters in the following areas of gynecology, acupuncture, tui na, internal medicine, endocrinology, orthopedics, & pediatrics.  Melinda is very fortunate to be a chosen disciple  of a distinguished Acupuncture Master in China. 

Melinda is currently studying to take her board exams. During this time, she will have a unique learning experience here with us as she becomes a board licensed TCM acupuncture practitioner. She will be utilizing her fundamental and practical skills of TCM through treatment modalities based on the concepts of needless acupuncture, pulse & tongue diagnosis, cupping, Tui Na, moxibustion and other acutherapy skills.

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